Starting the placement

1. When the ranking list is published, the Host Organisation that has selected a successful student receives a communication confirming the internship.
2. The student has one week to accept the grant. Should the student not accept the grant, the Host Organisation will be notified accordingly.
3. Within 3 weeks of departure the student must upload the Learning Agreement signed by the Host Organisation, the sending university and the student on the Portal. It will be the student’s responsibility to send the document to the Host Organization for its timely completion and signature.
4. The student will sign the financial mobility agreement with the National Project Coordinator.
5. On the first day of the placement, the trainee will have the tutor of the Host Organisation sign the “Letter of Arrival”, which is required in order to receive the first tranche of the grant.

End of placement

6. The final conclusion of the placement is subject to the signature of the Learning Agreement by the Host Organisation at the end of the mobility period. It will be the responsibility of the trainee to forward the document to the Host Organisation for completion and signature.
7. On the last day of the placement, the Host Organisation must complete the Outcome Survey, in which it must, among other things, upload a photo of the mentor and the trainee at the work placement.
8. The trainee may receive the final grant instalment once the Host Organisation has completed the Outcome Survey.

Matching was unsuccessful

9. What if the Matching was unsuccessful? If the Matching was not successful because:


  • I did not find the right trainee
  • I did not have time to do the interviews
  • The student I selected did not upload the letter of availability
  • The student I matched did not win the scholarship
  • The student I matched declined the scholarship


What should I do? Write to for useful advice! For example… a new phase of Matching may open soon; some consortia accept Matching outside the open windows of the call for applications if funding is available; or there may soon be a shift in the ranking list.

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