• I decided to join the EU4EU programme because I had to do compulsory internship hours for my study course, and the description of the EU4EU programme immediately caught my attention.

  • Rome, o1 June 2023 Our journey among the voices of the Host Organisations making up the EU4EU — Erasmus+ project network lands in Cyprus this time. More and more European companies want to include young trainees in their teams, and CCIF Cyprus explained to us...

  • Rome, 31 May 2023 The EU4EU — Erasmus+ programme is once again having great success this year, not only among students who want to have a unique experience in Europe, but also among European companies. Many of them have now joined the program and every...

  • Leaving Italy, precisely the University of Padua, and arriving in Cyprus for a new work and life experience, full of expectation and enthusiasm: this is the story of Marco Antonio Benedetto Battisti who, enrolled in the second cycle of studies in Law, Political Science and International Relations, l

  • The network of European companies using EU4EU services is always expanding and today we want to hear and share the testimony of Benkei, a French company that assists its clients in defining and implementing their innovation strategies and collaborative projects. To answer our questions is Fabienne B