Outcomes & Evaluation

21 Dec THE EU4EU 2021-2022


Rome, 21 December 2022

The second two-year report of the EU4EU – Erasmus+ program, is published.


In the two-year period 2021-2022 EU4EU continued to be appreciated by all program partners: Universities, Host Organizations and Students; this is demonstrated by the participation and positive feedback received, which can be seen within the report, through the numerous graphs. There are also many satisfied testimonials from Trainees and Host Organizations, a few lines of which can be found in the report. Also, it is interesting to retrace the main themes of the Staff Mobility events that took place over the past two years, which were always experienced with participation and constructive dialogue under the guidelines and European values of exchange, inclusion and sharing. The graphs contained in the report allow us to evaluate on the one hand the characteristics of the Students participating in the EU4EU program, such as the field of study, the cycle of studies, the destination countries, the preferred fields in which to carry out the internships, ecc. and on the other hand the report makes us focus on the Host Organizations which joined the program, what kind of companies they are, in which field they operate, their level of satisfaction with the EU4EU program and much more.


All that remains, therefore, is to take a look at the EU4EU 2021-2022 report by clicking here: EU4EU REPORT 2021-2022


Thank you to all those who – also in this biennium – have worked with us and to those who have chosen us to live this wonderful and important experience of work, but above all of Life.

21 Dec THE EU4EU 2019-2020


Rome, 21 December 2020

Today, EuGen published the first two-year EU4EU Report 2019-2020, showing overall an excellent level of implementation of the activities and the achievement of the objective it has been pursuing for 6 years of facilitating access to work for students of Higher Education Institutes, through the organization of Erasmus + professional internships, with a focus on the design and use of European funds.


The number of scholarships for traineeships awarded each year since the beginning of the Program has steadily increased, reaching today a total number of over 1700 traineeships, organized for students from 47 Italian, French, Spanish and Croatian universities. During 2019 and 2020, 3.100 students registered on the EU4EU Portal and 589 of them received scholarships for internships in over 250 Host Organizations participating in the EU4EU Program, located throughout Europe.


In terms of quality assessment, the evaluation of the experience by the main actors involved was excellent, with 90% of the Host Organizations declaring themselves “very satisfied with the program”, 92% of the trainees declaring themselves “very satisfied of their internship experience “and 96% of the Host Organizations” very satisfied with the intern they hosted “.


In terms of results, the main skills developed by the trainees concern the areas of Communication, Management, Analytical Skills and Problem Solving, allowing 80% of trainees who completed the traineeship as “post-graduate” to receive a offer of collaboration at the end of the internship.


This Report collects data on the results of the 2019 and 2020 project activities, based on the questionnaires filled in by trainees and host organizations. It shows an overview of the participants’ profiles, the results achieved and the level of satisfaction with the EU4EU program.


On the topic of the pandemic, Francesca Romana Zotta, President of EuGen says “2020 was a difficult year but, although Covid has caused mobility restrictions especially in the international context, the EU4EU internships have not stopped. Over 100 students have done or are currently still carrying out their internships, in person or remotely, to continue learning, improve a foreign language and add new experiences and skills to their professional profile. They showed us the strength, tenacity and stubbornness necessary to emerge victorious. Example for all of us, more or less young, who are more lazy and procrastinators. To them goes my my deepest respect, greatest thanks for the example and good luck for the future “.