European Universities for the European Union

EU4EU is a hub that connects 46 European universities with a network of companies to organise work placements.
All internship grants are funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.


Since 2015, EuGen has been running the EU4EU program to facilitate the transition between Higher Education and access to Employment through Erasmus + professional Internships in Europe-based Companies.

Higher education institutions participate free of charge through the seven-year accreditation of Erasmus+ National Consortia (KA130) and annual scholarship funding (KA131).

To date, 46 Universities in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal participate in the Program.


The EU4EU program awards Erasmus+ grants for Highly Qualified Internships of 2 to 5 months. Using an inclusive approach and digitized procedures, the program aims at maximizing the Employment Impact. The traineeships focus mainly on EU projects and promote the development of skills such as project writing and management, communication in international environments, analytical and problem-solving skills, research, and technical skills that significantly enrich the trainees’ curricular profiles and enhance the partici – pants’ employment and self-employment prospects.


EuGen – European Generation has been the founder and international coordinator of the EU4EU programme since 2015. Collaboration between the leaders of the National Consortia improves Management Efficiency through the sharing of Best Practices, innovative common Management Software and an extensive and consolidated Database of Host Organisations. The EU4EU Network brings together universities, companies and students from all over Europe, offering its members a participatory dialogue for the creation of partnerships, the development of European projects and opportunities to study and work abroad.

NUMBERS 2015 – 2023

62,000 students registered on the EU4EU portal
14,000 students completed registration
3,500 scholarships awarded
500 Host Organizations
46 Sending Universities
8 years of activity
4 Sending Countries
1 Network annual meeting
90% Host Organizations “very satisfied” with the Program
92% Students very satisfied with their traineeship experience
96% Host Organizations very satisfied with the trainee


Maps of universities in the European area

9 in Portugal
14 in Spain
11 in France
12 in Italy

EU4EU – Erasmus+ I Video for Host Organizations
EU4EU – Erasmus+ I Internships for European students