EU4EU 2021-2022 Italian consortium leader EuGen: internship start-up rules



Below are the 6 rules that scholarship-winning students must follow to formalize the acceptance of the traineeship and ensure its successful start.



-Rules for scholarship winners:


  1. Successful candidates shall formalize their acceptance of the grant on their profile on the Portal within 7 days of receipt of the Notice of Admission. In the event of non-acceptance within this deadline, the mobility grant shall be deemed to have been forfeited.


  1. The definitive assignment of the contribution is subject to the uploading on the Portal by the admitted candidate of the Learning Agreement Template filled in and signed by the student, by the home university and by the chosen Host Organization, at the latest 3 weeks before departure. Information on how to fill in the Learning Agreement are contained in the Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement.


  1. After uploading the Learning Agreement, the candidate will receive by email a copy of the mobility agreement or “Grant Agreement”. The latter must be signed, and sent by the candidate at the latest 1 week before departure to EuGen – European Generation via email to with a qualified electronic or digital signature; via pec to; or by registered mail with return receipt to Francesca Romana Zotta, President of EuGen – European Generation, Piazza Albania 35, 00153 Rome, and in this case sent in advance by e-mail to


NB: For departures prior to 31.10.2022, the timing for uploading the Learning Agreement on the Portal and for sending the Grant Agreement will be established for this purpose by the national coordinator.


  1. Before the start of the placement, the candidate will receive an invitation from the EU Academy website to complete the OLS placement test, and may decide to take the language course for his/her level. Completion of the online assessment prior to departure is a mandatory requirement for receiving the first installment of the scholarship, except in duly justified cases.


  1. On the first day of the internship, the intern must upload the “Letter of arrival” signed by the contact person/mentor of the Host Organization on the Portal. The payment of the first installment will be arranged by the National Coordinator at the beginning of the internship period, usually within 30 days of uploading the Letter of Arrival on the Portal, provided that the student has already signed the Grant Agreement and taken the entrance test of the OLS.


  1. Within 2 weeks from the start of the mobility, trainees will be able to fill in the Entry Survey to report any initial difficulties on the part of the student regarding the work environment, the relationship with the tutor, the degree of satisfaction of the assigned tasks, the accommodation and safety conditions and allow EuGen to intervene in support of the student.




-Waiver of traineeship


Waiver: Accepting the Erasmus+ internship is a serious commitment made by the candidate. Any waivers occurring before or during the mobility must be duly justified in writing for serious and proven cases of force majeure, to the National Coordinator (at the e-mail address and to the Host Organization. The minimum period of internship at the Host Organization is 60 days, unless otherwise specified by the Indire National Agency. The interruption of mobility before this period will result in the refund of the amount received and in the non-recognition of credits, in accordance with the provisions of the Indire National Agency, except in proven cases of force majeure.