Key information for Host Organizations 2024

The internship

Duration: 2 to 5 months
Focus: preferred on EU projects, not be mandatory
Task and Dates: Host Organizations and trainees will agree on tasks and dates
Country: Students cannot do the internship in the same Country where their University is based

No costs for Host Organizations

Host Organizations participate free of charge
Students receive the Erasmus+ scholarship and do their traineeship with an insurance

Requirements for Host Organizations

Any organization can host interns: SME’s, larger companies, municipalities, nonprofit associations, universities, etc. The only organizations banned are bodies of the EU institutions
Core business must be coherent with the EU values
Must provide a tutor present at least 3 times per week
Must provide a workstation, desk, internet connection etc.
Must fill publish EU4EU network logo on website and fill in EU4EU surveys

Registration and Matching Phase with candidates

Host Organizations must register on the EU4EU Portal in time to join the Matching Phase with students (registration are open throughout the year)
The Host Organization whose registration has been approved will be able to see students’ profiles on the Portal, select candidates and schedule web interviews
If the interview is successful the Host Organization creates the Letter of Availability through the webform on the Portal, signs it, and then sends it to the candidate chosen
Host Organizations are notified if the candidates selected won the scholarship

How many trainees per Host Organization?

Host Organizations can upload a maximum of 15 Letters of Availabilities per year
Ratio 3 staff for maximum 1 trainee

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