EU4EU 2023 Call for Proposals: Results

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EU4EU 2023 Call for Proposals: Results

With satisfaction, we share the latest results of the EU4EU program.

The recent call witnessed significant participation, with 2,280 students demonstrating tangible interest in this opportunity. Data reveals the realization of 282 successful matches among the four consortia, resulting in the allocation of a total of 160 scholarships: 74 awarded by the Italian Consortium, 63 by the French, 19 by the Spanish, and 4 by the Portuguese.

The diversity of student backgrounds, representing prestigious institutions such as the University of Padua, Universitè de Lille, University of Tuscia, and University of Zaragoza, is a distinctive element underscoring the effectiveness of the EU4EU program in promoting international mobility and the internationalization of educational experiences.

Regarding the academic disciplines of the students, Political Science takes the lead, followed by Economics and Business, Biology and Natural Sciences. There is also a noticeable increase in students from the faculties of Engineering and Chemistry.

The most sought-after destinations among students include Brussels, Dublin, Zaragoza, and Rome. This broad interest highlights not only the appeal of these cities but also the effectiveness of the opportunities provided by the EU4EU program.

As we celebrate these achievements, we look to the future with enthusiasm, wishing the scholarship recipients an unforgettable and rewarding experience.
In the spirit of continuous growth, we prepare to face new challenges and embrace future successes.
Ad maiora!