1. What is the EU4EU – Erasmus+ program?

EU4EU – European Universities for the EU is a program founded and coordinated by EuGen (European Generation), to offer companies the opportunity to place one or more trainees on their staff free of charge, thanks to the scholarships provided by the Erasmus+ program. The program is promoted by EuGen, international coordinator and lead partner of the Italian consortium, in collaboration with the national consortia of France, Spain and Portugal, whose lead partners are the University of Lille, Campus Iberus and ISG Ensinus, involving a total of 45 sending universities

2. What does it take to participate?

To participate in the EU4EU program, it is necessary to register on the EU4EU Portal (https://eng.eu4eu.org/eu4eu-portal/) and wait for the approval of the application. Once the Host Organization is approved and receives confirmation by email, it can access its personal page on the EU4EU Portal and start selecting students for traineeships.

3. Is there a registration fee to participate in the EU4EU program?

No, participation in the program is completely free of charge.

4. Can all kinds of companies participate in the EU4EU Program?

To be part of the EU4EU Program, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Any organization can host interns: SMEs, large companies, municipalities, non-profit associations, universities, etc. The only forbidden organizations are bodies of EU institutions
  • The main activity must be in line with EU values
  • The Host Organization must provide a tutor who is present at least 3 times a week
  • The Host Organization must provide a workstation, desk, internet connection etc.
  • The Host Organization must complete EU4EU surveys
5. During the selection of trainees, is it necessary to choose a foreign student or is it possible to arrange for one from the same country as the Host Organization?

The regulations of the Erasmus program stipulate that Host Organizations must select one or more students enrolled at a university located in a country other than the country to which the Host Organization belongs, independently of the student’s nationality.

6. I have made arrangements with the student(s). What do I need to do now to complete the procedure?

Once the interview(s) with the student(s) have taken place and all the arrangements for the traineeship have been made, it is necessary to log in to the EU4EU Portal and create from the profile of the chosen student(s) the Letter of Availability through the use of the web form, sign it and send it by e-mail to the student(s). To conclude the procedure, each student must in turn sign the Letter of Availability and upload it to his/her personal profile.

7. Who should upload the Letter of Availability on the Portal?

Once the Letter of Availability has been sent to the recipient(s), it is the students who upload it on the EU4EU Portal, thus finalizing the application and waiting to find out if they will win the scholarship.

8. Where can I find clear and structured information on the use of the EU4EU Portal?

All information related to the use of the EU4EU Portal, from the Host Organization Registration phase to the selection of student(s) and the creation of the Letter of Availability, can be found at this link: https://www.eu4eu.org/hostguide.aspx

9. Does the Host Organization have to bear expenses for hosting a student(s)?

No, the Host Organization is not obliged to provide financial support to the student(s) as the placement is financed by European Union funds. However, it remains at the discretion of the Host Organization to make a contribution towards the costs of food, accommodation, etc.

10. Does the traineeship with EU4EU have a required duration?

Each traineeship must have a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum duration of 6 months.

11. Can the EU4EU traineeship be carried out remotely, using only a computer?

It is not possible to carry out the placement entirely from a remote location. At least 2 months must be carried out in presence at the Host Organization’s office, the remaining period can be carried out remotely.

12. If a student drops out of the internship, what can the Host Organization with which he/she had arranged the internship do?

A student may only withdraw from the internship in the event of serious reasons, which must be reported and justified in good time. Should this unfortunate event occur, the Host Organization can wait for the possible extraordinary calls that are usually opened during the year to search for and select another student. In any case, the Host Organization may contact EuGen (info@eu-gen.org) for information and dedicated support.

13. If the Student and the Host Organization successfully conclude the Matching, agree with each other and the Letter of Availability is correctly uploaded on the Portal, does this mean that the Student will definitely do the EU4EU internship at the company?

No, the selected student may only leave with the EU4EU program if he/she is the winner of the related scholarship. Please note that for each university consortium to which students belong, the Erasmus+ program provides a limited number of scholarships which are awarded according to a merit ranking list. Only those who are successful in this ranking, with or without a grant, are entitled to start with the EU4EU program.

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